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In a global marketplace, can you afford to be lost in translation?

Wave Solutions specializes in the creation and management of powerful communications assets for innovative and purpose-driven companies. Since 2018, our Franco-American team has provided its clients in the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors with the resources they need to tell compelling and consistent brand stories on an international stage.

Wave Solutions is a process

We have a proven process to help our francophone clients sharpen messaging and streamline communications as they expand brand awareness in North American and international markets.

Because every company is unique, we begin by dialoguing with your team in order to fully appreciate your brand’s history, mission and values, as well as current and future communications challenges. At this stage we identify stakeholders and markets, and consider the critical question of audience.

Working together, we establish clearly defined messages for your company’s brand communications. Because all markets are different, we outline variations of these messages that are adapted to the linguistic, cultural and regulatory specificities of your company’s operating regions.

Next, we create the communications assets that will most effectively tell your brand’s story both at home and abroad, whether this means simply adapting and translating existing content or building a comprehensive international web presence.

We then implement the solution, either directly or in collaboration with your existing partners. At this stage we also work with your team to put in place streamlined protocols for the maintenance, update and evolution of the assets we’ve created together.

Finally, we establish a regular schedule of contact points between your team and ours, so that communications needs can be anticipated and addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner. This allows you to focus on what really matters: growing your company.

Wave Solutions is a range of expertise

The small- and mid-size companies with which we work share one thing in common: they are all rapidly evolving from French into international businesses. Our brand communications expertise uniquely positions us to accompany our clients as they enter a global marketplace.

New market development is a valuable opportunity for companies to reassess the way they communicate about their mission and products, both at home and abroad. We develop winning brand strategies using a proven process that involves listening closely to our clients and adapting their stories to the specificities of their markets.

In a world where “cheap and fast” seems to be the guiding principle for content creation, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the highest standards of editorial excellence. As published authors in academic, technical and creative areas, our team brings an artisanal spirit to its work, crafting content that will create value for our clients both in the short and long terms.

We are currently equipped to produce expert translations for our clients in French, North American and British English, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages upon request.

The communications assets that are successful for your company in the French context might not be immediately transferable to other markets, where audiences and stakeholders understand public relations differently. Our multicultural team has the experience and perspective necessary to help you translate not only your content, but your strategy.

Powerful brand strategies don’t manage themselves, and most businesses have more pressing agenda items to address than keeping track of communications assets.

Wave Solutions is a set of values

Our work is inspired by a strong set of values relating to communications and professional integrity. These values guide our exchanges with clients and inform our unique approach to brand strategy.

Valuable communications assets tell meaningful stories about the brands they represent. We believe that the work of innovative, purpose-driven companies should be supported by powerful storytelling that forges human connection with stakeholders and publics.

Brand communications assets that aren’t creating short- and long-term value for companies are quite simply liabilities. As the primary material for connecting products and services with stakeholders and publics, brand communications have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.

Creating powerful communications assets is only half of the battle. We are convinced that brand communications are only as strong as the organizational framework supporting them.

The world of brand communications is fast-paced. We pride ourselves on being an intimate, agile team, which allows us to address client needs rapidly and with precision.

We consider our independence an asset that we bring to bear in our work with clients. When working with us, your team can be certain that it is receiving honest and objective guidance.

Wave Solutions is a team

Our Franco-American team comprises decades of experience and training in the areas of media and communications, print and digital publication, and foreign languages.

Andrew Bielski, PhD
Founder & CEO

Andrew Bielski brings to his work in strategic communications nearly a decade of experience in healthcare, having held positions in finance at Northwestern Medicine (Chicago) and Columbia University Medical Center (New York), in both research and clinical areas. His translation and research work in the humanities and social sciences has appeared in publications such as The Guardian, and with presses such as the UK’s Polity Press. Bielski holds a PhD in Media Studies from Cornell University, an MA from New York University and a BA from the University of Michigan.

Joseph Fletcher, PhD
Publications Editor

Joseph Fletcher is the managing editor of the William Blake Archive and teaches in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned his PhD in English Literature. In addition, he holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MFA in poetry from the University of Massachusetts. Fletcher’s research on the intersections of 18th-century literature and natural philosophy has been published in Studies in Romanticism, Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly and elsewhere. He is also the author of several books of poetry.


With roots in the United States, we are proud to call France’s Burgundy region our corporate headquarters.

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